Strategic Integrated IT
Solutions Built For You

To address the complex challenges of modern IT, we deliver integrated,
strategic IT solutions and create balance in your business.

Make your
organization smart & efficient.

Leverage the harmony that results from combining your IT services. You may reduce expenses, save time, and increase business results with the appropriate IT infrastructure, providing you a competitive advantage.


You’ve got a lot of options for IT Services that’s why we strive to provide the
best client experience possible.

Fully Managed IT

With fully managed IT services, you can take advantage of our strategic and technical expertise and resources to get the most out of your IT infrastructure.

IT Consultancy

TLS-IT Services assists various businesses in achieving their objectives by developing effective strategies for implementing IT Consultancy solutions and services.

We start with a full counsel to evaluate your IT needs, suggest a future-evidence arrangement, source your tech, and set up your IT workspace so your business is fully operational in a matter of moments.

TLS-IT offers pre-validated, corporate data security solutions optimized for the needs of a specific enterprise. There is no data resource in business that doesn’t require protection.

Cloud-based technologies gained large popularity among organizations due to the flexibility and comfort of operation they bring data storage, office applications, documents, and other techniques are used almost in every business.

The availability of IT Support is one of the most effective safeguards that guarantee the smooth operation of contemporary business. We know full well the importance of timely and efficient response to IT unexpected situations.

Structured Cabling

TLS-ITs dedicated specialists provide elegant structured cabling solutions so that your company can take advantage of modern technology in a secure and cost-effective manner.

Complete IT Audit

TLS-IT provides IT Health Checks & Audits as an exhaustive and impartial evaluation of your IT systems to spot any weaknesses and ensure that you’re utilising the best and most up-to-date IT practises.

TLS-IT specialists know business phone technologies from the inside and are capable to offer you the most suitable equipment to cover your needs.

Every computer owner uses networks, which have been installed to that very end and every now and then require some minor network troubleshooting.

By using Radiating Cable the number of the installed access points diminishes about to one-third of a conventional solution. Additionally, you need much less cabling to connect the access points, the high frequency inside the warehouses falls.

TLS-IT specialists have solid expertise in server room design and ready to assist your company in obtaining a secure, reliable, and high-performance server room setup.

Data Centre Cleaning is an expert cleaning service for server room cleaning, comms room cleaning, and other IT equipment cleaning.

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