Radiating Cable

Radiating Cable is a great technology. We could reduce the number of access points to one-third compared to a conventional solution.

The challenge: Coverage of a warehouse by WiFi including HIGH-DENSITY-SHELF

The coverage of a warehouse including HigH-Density-shelf is a real challenge because the whole area needs to be covered by WLAN. By using conventional solutions it means very often a lot of wireless equipment

A warehouse does not stand still: Sometimes it is totally full of goods and the next day it is almost empty. The consequences are disruptions and errors, e.g. interferences, roaming problems, and – as a result – connection disrupts. Neither a well-done site survey can predict this exactly. A well-sectored concept is essential in the 2,4-GHz-band as only three channels work without overlapping.

Ocean Fair International faced this problem. The question was: Is there any way to prevent such problems in a “moving” warehouse world?

The solution: Radiating Cable

With Radiating Cable we are able to cover huge areas with Wifi-signals – by using fewer channels! especially Mobile-shelf-Warehouses are typical fields of application to use Radiating Cable.

Today the Ocean Fair International is using WLAN with Radiating Cables in their headquarters in Techno Park (Jebel Ali), Dubai (U.A.E.). After visiting the site the SIEVERS-GROUP-RF-specialists designed the concept for a full-coverage-antenna-solution. The installation was done by TLS-IT engineering-team supervised by SIEVERS-engineers (Germany).

By using Radiating Cable the number of the installed access points diminishes about to one-third of a conventional solution. Additionally, you need much less cabling to connect the access points, the high frequency inside the warehouses falls; further fewer channels mean fewer interferences and roaming-processes inWLAN.

Redundant WLAN-surroundings can be installed by feeding-in several access points with so-called combiners. An intrusion of DECT-signals were also possible (2,4 GHz cable).

Radiating Cable can guarantee an all-over coverage in all critical surroundings – not only in High-Density-Warehouses. The innovative system can also be utilized in offices with suspended ceilings.

Use of the Radiating Cable Technology


Today KABELWERK EUPEN AG is a leading cable manufacturer in Europe and one of the few cable manufacturers which have all the manufacturing facilities on one site.

This enables flexibility in all stages from design, through manufacturing up to final product testing. EUPEN has solid experience with all major national and international standards as IEC, VDE, BS, NF, NBN, NEN, SEV, … and has the expertise in the field of:
  • Medium Voltage Power Cables
  • Low Voltage Power and Control Cables
  • Instrumentation Cables
  • Fibre Optic Cables
  • Halogen Free Fire Safety Cables
  • Signalling Cables
  • Airfield Lighting Cables and Connectors
  • Safety Cables for Nuclear Power Plants (LOCA tested)
  • Rubber Cables
  • Coaxial Cables & Accessories (50 Ohm & 75 Ohm)
  • Wave guides and accessories

KABELWERK EUPEN’s customer base includes, but is not limited to: wholesalers and agents, processing companies as electrical contractors, assembly workshops and industries, and end-users as telecommunication companies, electricity supply companies, private operators and other industrial end-users. The development, manufacture, and delivery of high-quality products along with the first-class service are among the declared aims of the company.


Our mandate is simple. Combining unparalleled expertise in the region, with state-of-the-art facilities, and a vast supply chain network spanning the globe, we continuously strive to deliver the most efficient and effective integrated logistics solutions catered to your needs around the clock, any time and every time.

From planning and procurement to distribution and delivery, OFI provides tailormade solutions to enhance our customer’s bottom line; minimizing cost through competitive pricing and optimizing operational efficiency, all the while delivering top of the line quality products and unrivaled service

At OFI we serve both private sector clients and governments from around the world ensuring that we continuously maintain full compliance with industry best practices and international standards. Our expertise, infrastructure, scalability and reach in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and America, enables us to provide goods and services in challenging conditions and to remote locations with ease.

With a trusted and successful ‘one-stop-shop’ business model, we deliver supply chain solutions made simple, for you. Our scope of services specializes in Foodservice, Ship Supply, Third Party Logistics, and Government Contracts.

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