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Understanding the Different Tiers of IT Support

Understanding the Different Tiers of IT Support

When technology issues begin to gradual down your personnel and negatively affect your business, it could be time to companion with a managed IT offerings issuer. This lets you outsource your IT assistance and let your team focus on commercial enterprise fulfillment.

Before deciding on an outsourced IT helpdesk company, it’s crucial to apprehend what kind of technical aid you’ll get along with your controlled services agreement. Technical troubles can variety from a simple malfunctioning computer to a huge difficulty that paralyzes your commercial enterprise and demands pressing attention.

To deliver the first-class consumer revel in, maximum controlled offerings vendors (MSPs) follow a tiered assist system. This device permits the consumer and the support group to align on the way to prioritize and expand issues based totally on numerous factors. These IT guide tiers encompass 4 tiers.

Your managed service agreement must simply provide an explanation for how your MSP accomplice types and assigns service tickets into those levels. Some use a dispatcher to review and assign tickets to the proper tier, at the same time as others use automation to kind assist requests and assign obligations to the technical aid team.

Severity and effect are not unusual factors used to determine the perfect IT guide tier. Your agreement should also define the carrier level settlement (SLA) that corresponds with every tier.

In this article, we’ll explore the extraordinary IT support levels, their importance, how they are characteristic, and why they’re necessary for your business.

Learn which IT aid tiers your commercial enterprise wishes whilst you associate with TLS-IT.

IT Support Tiers Explained

The definitions for each stage of tiered technical assistance have grown to be fairly trendy in current years to cast off confusion between managed services companies and customers.This standardization makes evaluating IT support agreements easier for people with confined technical information.

Tier 0 Support- Tier zero, or self-carrier help, lets in customers to locate help through a client portal or support website. This can consist of gear like know-how forums or online training videos that show customers how to solve easy technical problems on their very own.

Tier 1 Support- Tier 1, or basic assist table aid, includes assistance with issues like username and password resets or minor hardware and software program bugs. Support personnel manual customers through easy fixes. If the problem is more complicated, it could be escalated to Tier 2 for greater in-depth assistance.

Tier 2 Support – Tier 2 help is required for more complex problems that need deeper research. These troubles often contain services or products utilized by the whole business, instead of individual troubles like password resets. Experienced technicians offer this guide, which often involves faraway admission to devices and giant time with the consumer.

Tier 3 Support –  Tier 3 support is the very best degree and entails entry to fantastically knowledgeable technicians, commonly engineers, who deal with complicated and urgent era troubles.These issues can affect many personnel or contain crucial enterprise applications. Tier 3 support frequently requires interplay with software programs or hardware providers to remedy hard issues.

Why Are There Multiple Tiers of IT Support?

Having multiple tiers of IT support allows managed services providers to create a positive customer experience by quickly resolving simple issues and having a structured process for more complex problems.This tiered structure streamlines response times and ensures that the most challenging issues are handled by the most experienced technicians.

This structure also helps set clear expectations with clients, ensuring no one is surprised by the timeline for service. When evaluating a managed services partner for your IT support needs, ask about their policy and definitions for tiered IT support, as well as their SLAs. Some MSPs align tiers and SLAs, while others manage them separately.

Accessing IT Support

Most outsourced IT helpdesk teams can be reached via a partner portal, website form, email, live chat, and by phone. However, some may limit access hours according to the service agreement levels. For example, lower levels of service may provide support only during business hours, while higher levels may offer 24/7(365 days support).

When discussing your support contract, make sure you understand how the support system can be accessed whenever your employees experience a technical problem.

Questions to Ask Your IT Services Partner

  • What are the terms or additional costs for on-site versus remote management of a technical problem?
  • How does your ticketing system work?
  • How do you staff your support team to ensure coverage at each level?
  • What happens if my employees are not happy with the resolution of an IT problem?

Benefit from the Many Tiers of IT Support with a Proven Partner

At TLS-IT, our technical support team is well-versed in supporting businesses from small to enterprise-level. Our certified technicians are available to assist you via email, telephone, or through our partner portal. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and offer quick SLAs that include escalation to the highest level of support as needed. We can also provide local technicians for on-site resolution as required.

For more information on the different IT technical support tiers we offer, contact us today to schedule a consultation with our help desk support specialists.

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