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TLS IT Solutions is Dubai's premier provider of Cisco IP phones, offering various features to improve communication over IP networks.

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Cisco IP Phones For Organisations

  • Redial: Conveniently dial numbers with just the touch of a button.
  • Speed Dialing: Simplify time-saving efforts by saving frequently dialed numbers for speed dialing. 
  • Voicemail Access: Stay connected and never miss important messages with convenient access to voicemail.

Why Cisco IP Phones?

Our Cisco IP phones use the Asterisk IP PBX system for seamless call management and support Cisco Unified Communications Series 500, offering affordable communication solutions that provide small businesses with great user experiences.

Our application support provides encryption for enhanced security, giving users peace of mind. On top of this, Cisco Unified Communications Services provides services designed to manage these relationships for users.

TLS IT Solutions offers comprehensive network infrastructure, security, network management products, and wireless connectivity services for organizations of all sizes. TLS also provides voice mail and automated attendant capabilities.

Our Cisco routers offer advanced features like voice mail and automated attendant capabilities through the network and advanced integration modules, making our IP phones highly attractive. Their benefits are extensive:

Reduce ownership costs with messages delivered over a consolidated infrastructure. Increase business agility through cost-effective IP communication solutions with robust support for businesses of all sizes. Enjoy easy configuration and deployment processes when working with Cisco Infrastructure products.

We are utilizing Cisco data expertise alongside industry-standard Cisco IOS software.

Cisco Unified Call Manager

This software component provides call-processing services to devices connected to a network, including IP phones, media processing devices, VoIP systems, and multimedia applications.

Services Offered by Cisco IP Phones

Seamlessly integrate voice and data for efficient communication and file transfer. Utilize user-friendly phone features like speakerphone, call transfer, redialing, and conference calling to maximize efficiency and enhance audio clarity with wideband audio and high-quality speakers.

IP phones from Cisco support power over Ethernet, onscreen applications, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. Their features include:

Power over Ethernet support ensures seamless connectivity. Onscreen applications provide convenient use—a direct link to IP telephony service or IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Ameliorate audio clarity with quality speakers.

TLS IT Solutions offers easy installation and configuration via a menu-driven setup wizard and web interface for our Cisco IP phones in Dubai, along with top-tier service and support. Contact us now for a quote to effortlessly meet your communication needs!

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