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Are you searching for reliable email security solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Look no further than TLS IT Solutions' cloud-based email security offerings for complete peace of mind.

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Our comprehensive suite of email security solutions includes:

  • Cloud Email Security: Protect your business against email-borne threats like phishing, malware, and spam with our cloud email security solution, which features email filtering, anti-virus protection, and encryption for added peace of mind.
  • Business Continuity: Get uninterrupted email access even during times of crisis with our email failover, continuity, and recovery solutions – keeping your operations running seamlessly at all times.
  • Email Archiving: Stay compliant with regulatory requirements and protect your email records with our tamper-proof email archiving solution. It features retention policies, e-discovery tools, and search functionality.
  • Internal Email Protection: Strengthen the security of your internal emails with access control, data loss prevention, and encryption features to prevent unauthorized access, misuse, or leakage of sensitive information.
  • Security Awareness and Training: Educate your staff on best practices for email security to reduce the risk of email-based attacks through our security awareness and training programs.
  • Web Security: Protect your business against web-based threats like malware and phishing with our web filtering, anti-virus protection, and URL reputation analysis solutions to create a safe online environment for your organization. For a quote request, please submit the details below:
  • DMARC Analyzer: Let our email authentication, reporting, and analysis solution effectively monitor and enforce your domain’s DMARC policy while you maintain control over email traffic and improve domain security.
  • Brand Protection: Protect your brand against email-based fraud, phishing, and other cyber threats with our email authentication, domain monitoring, and brand abuse detection solution. Preserve the reputation of your business.

We offer email security solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for businesses of all sizes. Reach out today for more information on how our solutions can protect against email-borne threats that could impact your company’s success.

Here are a few additional email security solutions in the cloud that may prove useful to businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

  • Email Filtering and Spam Protection: Our email filtering and protection solution stops spam, viruses, and malware from invading inboxes – protecting them against attacks via email-based methods.
  • Email Encryption: Secure sensitive data with our email encryption solution, which encrypts content in transit and storage to ensure only authorized recipients can gain access.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Add extra security to email access with our two-factor authentication solution, requiring additional forms of identification beyond passwords for logins.
  • Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Our Email DLP solution protects against the unauthorized sharing of sensitive data via emails by detecting and preventing data breaches and policy violations.
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP): Protect email-based attacks like spear-phishing and ransomware with our advanced machine learning and AI-powered ATP solution, designed to identify and block sophisticated email-based threats.
  • Email Security Consulting: Leverage our email security consulting services to develop and implement an effective email security strategy, taking into account best practices, threat intelligence, and compliance regulations.

Contact us if you require further information or assistance; we’re here to ensure your business communications run smoothly.

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