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So that you may concentrate on your business objectives, let TLS-IT handle the time-consuming process of end-user support.

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Managed User Support

With managed user assistance, you can concentrate on your strategic IT goals while boosting productivity. Make sure your staff is completely supported by using a comprehensive, customized service desk solution that addresses your unique demands.

IT Support in the Dubai

Support your employees and save time with multi-channel 24/7 managed user support for your mid-market business.

Best-In-Class Support

Get 24-hour help from a team of qualified technical specialists who use tried-and-true techniques and cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless client experience.


Identify the multi-channel communication strategy that is best for your company to meet the needs of your users wherever they are.


For your mid-market or expanding small business, you can quickly scale end-user and managed user assistance, freeing up your time to concentrate on strategic IT projects that will advance your company.

Service levels and Response time

Our IT annual maintenance contract in Dubai aims to achieve the following service levels:
  • Critical server, time-sensitive problem, or system failure.
  • Unusable computer hardware, software, and printers, or systems that are inaccessible from any workstation.
  • Paper jams, ageing monitors, operating system updates, and periodic software failures.

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Get into the greatest and outstanding services provided by our team of specialists and keep your business clear of technical difficulties.

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Experience the outstanding services provided by our team of specialists and keep your business free from technical difficulties.

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