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Building structured cabling is the process of creating telecommunications cable infrastructure from a variety of smaller, standardised components known as subsystems.

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Structured Cabling

Your IT network depends on cabling to transport the phone, data, and video signals needed for your essential daily operations. Although it may be the smallest and first component of your network expenditure, your cabling system can provide considerable long-term benefits as the network element with the longest lifecycle.

The areas of expertise for our structured and network cabling company in dubai are

Why your business needs a structured cabling?

01 Reduces congestion and cabling bulk

Reduces congestion and cabling bulk

By keeping the entire wire infrastructure orderly, structured cabling standards assist companies in installing wiring in a way that minimises messy tangles. As a result, there are fewer downtimes and opportunities for human error.

Less Time Overall Spend in Install

Without clumsy wires getting in the way, moves, additions, and modifications to the infrastructure may be made fast. This lowers the likelihood of human error during repairs and changes, enabling better utilisation of resources and staff time.

Upbringings Future Upgrades

Upbringings Future Upgrades

A system that is future-adaptable is essential given the ongoing advancements in communications technology. Just that is made possible by structured cabling systems, which reduce the danger to the infrastructure while making changes simple to install.

Network Management is Simpler

Network Management is Simpler

It will be simple to determine if there is an issue with the cable connections if something goes wrong with your network. Structured cabling enables you to quickly repair the problematic cables if there is a problem with them.

Why TLS-IT for Structured Cabling?

Understand network needs

At TLS-IT, we take our time before introducing a fresh approach. To cut expenses, we first try to understand your network requirements and determine if there is any existing infrastructure we can employ. When our engineers arrive on site, they receive a thorough explanation of the existing infrastructure.

Detailed planning

According to your unique requirements and the peculiarities of the existing infrastructure, we create a comprehensive strategy for the installation of structured cabling or a corporate network. In our opinion, the communication infrastructure should move with the users rather than the other way around.

Installation and execution

We offer full structured cabling or re-cabling services, the installation of new or moved computer or communication equipment, the arrangement and termination of power and communication cables, and complete labelling of devices and connections.

Low margin for error

While laying the cable, we take into account electromagnetic interference because it will be running throughout your commercial space. We are aware that there is little room for error because minor errors made during installation might have major repercussions, such as a poor connection or hours spent having to restart everything.

Advantages of Structured Cabling

  • Reduce Cabling Bulk & Congestion: Structured cabling standards ensure an organized wiring infrastructure, eliminating messy tangles and shortening downtimes. Organized cabling simplifies network management by making troubleshooting and replacing defective connections easier, improving network management efficiency.
  • Future Upgrades Are Facilitated: Structured cabling solutions support seamless upgrades for adapting to evolving communication technologies, ensuring future-proof infrastructure.
  • Reduce Installation Time: An organized cabling infrastructure enables faster implementation of changes and repairs, minimizing downtime and optimizing the use of company resources.
  • Structured Cabling and WiFi in the UAE: While physical connections remain essential to LANs, wireless solutions have gained popularity due to their flexibility and scalability. Although wired connections offer security benefits, wireless technology provides greater bandwidth for online business operations.

Structured Cabling Services in Dubai

Structured cabling involves creating an interoperable network for communications comprising several subsystems: Demarcation Point and Telecommunications Room/Data Center Components Vertical/Riser Cabling, Horizontal Wiring, and Work Area Components.
Our specialties include Data Cabling, Network Cabling, Voice/Data cabling, and Fiber Optics Network Wiring.

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