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Applications, files, and servers that are setup, administered, monitored, and supported are protected by backup and recovery services.

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Data Backup & Recovery

For a wide range of enterprise infrastructures, TLS-IT provides quick, simple, and dependable data backup and recovery services, assuring strong, scalable, and diligently maintained data safeguards.

Cloud & Hybrid Backup Services

We create reliable cloud backup solutions for businesses that are housed in colocation facilities, private off-site data centres, or a mix of servers.

Cybersecurity System Development

We safeguard your systems using continuous vulnerability scans, SSL/AES encryptions, change detection, multithreaded transport, and checking the functionality of data compression.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

We implement Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and disaster recovery systems that automate full, incremental, differential, mirror, and continuous backups for big datasets.

Planning and Preparation is Key to Disaster Recovery

For organizations in and around the UAE, TLS-IT offers a comprehensive range of specialised backup and disaster recovery services to help lower the risk of unforeseen data loss. Without a backup (data replication) solution and an extensive disaster recovery strategy in place, a company will face the following problems in the case of a disaster:
  • Downtime & disruption
  • Potential security threat and data breach
  • Loss of revenue
It is crucial that your company’s data is well backed up in order to reduce this risk, and that you have created a solid plan that can be rapidly put into action.

Cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions

Due to the enhanced security features, the numerous authentication layers, and the replication techniques, TLS-IT strongly advises all customers to choose cloud backup solutions rather than on-premise backup solutions.
To protect your company's data in a highly secure setting, we provide fully managed Cloud, Hybrid, and Onsite Backup services. guaranteeing that your business data is secure, compliant, and protected and that it can be quickly restored in the event of a disaster, giving you peace of mind.

Fully scalable industry leading cloud backup solutions

Managed cloud backup involves keeping your data, files, and procedures in an online remote server based in the Cloud, a different offsite physical location from your office.

In the case of a system failure, outage, cyberattack, or natural disaster, cloud backup makes sure that your company's data is completely backed up. More significantly, you may easily restore your data to avoid any downtime.

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