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Recently, technology has evolved incredibly, becoming an essential element of society on all levels.

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Office 365 in Dubai

Recently, technology has evolved incredibly, becoming an essential element of society on all levels. Can you believe your office can now be portable? Yes! With Microsoft 365, you can make your office portable; employers no longer have to juggle work hours with employee availability, and quality hours can now be achieved anywhere and anytime with this revolutionary solution. Since 1990, Microsoft Office has seen regular upgrades, meeting market needs ideally with every new version introduced. Today, OFFICE 365 was finally introduced as its latest product in 2019.

What Is Office 365 and Why Should I Utilize Microsoft 365 in Dubai?

MS Office 365 is an innovative solution that challenges the traditional concept of physical workplaces and opens up endless opportunities for hassle-free work processes—even without your presence at work! One key advantage of Office 365 for all types of businesses—small, medium, or corporate—is its affordability for any budget tier; more than half of commercial office users now prefer Office 365 over perpetual or independent suites, according to Microsoft statistics. So, why is Office 365 special for any organization? Let’s find out.

Office 365’s latest release provides applications designed to simplify work, allowing you to create effortlessly while streamlining tasks with ease. Now, make it yours and simplify work in a way that suits you! Office 365 comes packed with an assortment of apps, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access, and OneDrive; Skype for Business/MS Outlook is among them. Microsoft has made this outstanding product accessible across all platforms, including iOS, Windows, and Android, for easy usage on any device PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile phones alike! One of the key features of Office 365 in Dubai is that it’s a cloud-based application offering storage of up to 1 TB. Access is possible anytime, from any device anywhere on earth, day or night! You can purchase subscriptions monthly or annually, providing updates throughout your subscription and other benefits.

TLS IT Solutions Offers an Extensive Selection of Office 365 Applications

Years of experience serving customers in the UAE with IT and business solutions make us reliable and capable of meeting all their IT and business requirements. We take great pride in offering Microsoft 365 as one of our finest products from our comprehensive portfolio of IT product collections and services. Having served clients from different industries, we understand exactly which solution would work best for them. Our specialists suggest Office 365 as a valuable product with great potential, bringing internal and external coordination to any business.

Let's explore some of the extra features of Office 365:

Office 365 will streamline your business operations. By streamlining organizational communication and coordination, improving employee efficiency and productivity for maximum profitability, and increasing employee efficiency and productivity, Office 365 can ensure systematic IT and business operations that work smoothly together to optimize profit.

Cloud-based platforms help reduce server management and maintenance costs, with support available via phone or chat from Microsoft when required. They also feature excellent data security, as data is encrypted to protect against unauthorized access, further facilitating easier migration processes.

Scalable to your needs. So why wait any longer? Sign up and experience the power of Office 365 with TLS IT Solutions’ subscription offering today and feel its effectiveness! With years of experience providing cloud management and IT-related services across various industries in the UAE, our expert teams now possess all of the knowledge required to offer full support and migration services on Office 365. Reimagine your business with us and work alongside us; call now for further details!

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