Network Security & Solutions

There has never been a more crucial or challenging time for developing and scaling a digital business while safeguarding a distributed infrastructure.

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Network Security & Solutions

We provide full service for all of your network needs. TLS-IT provides network services for small- to medium-sized businesses without full-time IT personnel. In addition, we work under contract with bigger businesses who require help with ongoing problems or unique initiatives. ‍

TLS-IT can offer the support you need to manage your business with the highest level of efficiency and network uptime, whether you have one computer in your office or across various locations. Any network issue you encounter will be resolved swiftly and duly recorded in your case file thanks to our Help Desk’s speedy response time.

Network Design, Implementation & Support

We design your network with consideration for future growth and new locations. We perform troubleshooting of every network issue to complete resolution.

Network Security includes:

  • Firewall
  • Virus Protection
  • Intrusion Detection and Protection
  • Information Security Management

The benefits of outsourced Network Support Services

One of your company’s main lines of defence against the broad spectrum of cyber threats should be security. The security products and services offered by TLS-IT can protect your organisation against a variety of human and technological attack vectors, and the results will be specifically designed for your company.

We are able to combine industry-leading network solutions because of the cross-discipline, cross-vendor expertise and experience our network support team delivers. Similar to this, our project management team will communicate often with you to fully grasp your applications, objectives, and plans.

We offer solutions that enable completely secure access to the corporate network, applications, and email for the remote work employee who works from home or on the go.

Over the last year or two, your company has grown, you had to hire a few dozen more people to help you meet the new challenges, and everything seems to be perfect… except your office computer network just can’t cope with this increasing load anymore. This is a very good reason for considering a computer network migration plan.

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