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Office IT Setup & Relocation

It can be difficult to move to a new office or to a new one for the first time. There are countless aspects to think about, and frequently, the IT infrastructure setup is considered last, if at all. These issues range from organising movers and a moving timetable to managing your office workers and choosing office arrangements.

Let TLS-IT take care of your company IT

Imagine entering your new workplace to find a phone and computer network that have been expertly set up for your business and are optimised for performance. Imagine having total faith that your phone system, server, and network workstations are all set up to support your business procedures effectively. The IT setup services provided by TLS-IT can do all of that.

Our IT migration and office setup service comprise the following works:

+ Procurement of all necessary hardware – servers, desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, and business phones, etc.
+ Selection, purchase, installation, and licensing of all software solutions.
+ IT equipment tagging and documenting.
+ Efficient placement of hardware and unobtrusive cable management, mounting of monitors, surveillance cameras, and TVs.
+ Design, installation and testing of SCS in the new office.
+ Searching and contracting with an Internet service provider.
+ Dismantling of the equipment in the old office.
+ Assemblage and connection of the IT equipment in the new office.
+ Preparation of design and installation of VSS and/or ACS (optional).
+ witching particular IT services to the Cloud And many more....

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